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Introducing to you The Missing Piece
Having seen how the jewelry industry has changed over the years, not least the way in which people discover and purchase jewelry, as two friends with years of jewelry experience, we launched The Missing Piece with a focus on selling online. This approach allows us to keep overhead costs to a minimum, meaning that we pass on those savings directly to you the customer.
As such the vision behind The Missing Piece is simple. It’s to make high quality, modern and stylish jewelry that’s both affordable and accessible. That means no compromises for you the customer and the opportunity to add that piece of luxury to your everyday life.
In addition to exceptional craftsmanship, our entire range of necklaces, chokers, rings and earrings are handmade from the highest quality and ethically sourced materials.

No Compromises

Add that Missing Piece of luxury to your collection. Easy access to the highest quality stylish jewelry at an affordable price!

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